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Bidhata KC (Nepal)

Aadhar explores human dependency on technology, reflecting on the way technology has altered behaviours and lifestyles. The artist observes her father’s shaking hands holding his cell – phone, switching from one app to another, facing a constant stream of videos and messages from social media. Even though he is struggling, he holds on to this device, which has now become an intimate part of his life. The artist questions why the “noise of technology” is such a normal part of contemporary life, and whether it serves as a convenient distraction from the silence and loneliness inside each of us. She highlights human fragility in a world saturated with technology– our dependence on it, and its undeniable hold over our senses. As this cacophony of information, opinions and entertainment invades our personal spaces, the lines blur and we are left to contend with its impact on our minds and bodies.

Tête-à-tête with Bidhata KC on

Human dependency on Technology
Nov 28, 2020 / 18h30

Bidhata KC (Nepal) in conversation with Anne-Laure Petit, Director, Alliance Francaise Kathmandu. Moderated by Proiti Seal Acharya, co-curator, Deconfine. The artist will reflect on her foray into the media arts, in the context of contemporary arts in Nepal. She will talk about ‘Aadhar’, her first experimental video piece, and reflect on her creative process. The video of the conversation will be posted here on Nov 28, 18h30. The same will be projected live on Facebook accounts of Alliance Française in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Bidhata KC is a Kathmandu based artist whose primary mediums are painting, printmaking and installations. She reflects on human relationships, social identities and everyday objects in her work. Recently, she has ventured into the media arts, creating experimental video work and interactive installations. Bidhata has showcased her works across Asia and Europe, such as at the International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition and Workshop, India Art Fair, National Museum, Dhaka etc.