Online Exhibition


Beatrice de Fays and Mathieu Constans (France)

“Inspace… In the ruins of the city world” is an exhibition of paintings weaving poetic narratives with augmented reality. The A.R. application implemented by the artist brings alive the stories within the paintings. By moving around the works with his mobile device (Android or iOS), the visitor discovers the spatial, narrative and sound dimensions. 

Each painting reveals the universe of a figure (a character or an entity): the granite rock, the Buddha, the dragonfly and so on. This universe consists of twelve paintings, twelve stories, twelve figures, all in search of their own truth. Inspace, a considerable achievement in the creative use of technology, opens up new and unusual possibilities for viewers to engage with paintings. 

Although the work is still in progress, the artist has generously contributed three paintings and their A.R. Representations to this exhibition. You can find further information on artist’s website, here

Note: The exhibition is produced by B2Fays Creation & Fil d’Ariane Association, with the support of the Alliance Française of Hyderabad and the Institut Français in India. Special thanks are offered to Bari Kumar (artist) who lent his voice to this series, and to Samuel Berthet (curator) who contributed to the project. Please note the privacy policy of the project as well.

Tête-à-tête with Beatrice de Fays and Mathieu Constans on a work in progress

InSpace: Storytelling with A.R. and Painting
Nov 29, 2020 / 17h30

Beatrice de Fays (France) in conversation with Samuel Berthet, Director, Alliance Francaise, Hyderabad. Moderated by Khayal, co-curator, Deconfine. The artist will discuss InSpace, her series in progress, combining painting with augmented reality. The video of the conversation will be posted here (on the right) on Nov 29, 17h30. The same will be streamed live on Facebook accounts of Alliance Française in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


Béatrice de Fays is a French-Belgian artist. She develops her creations using different media: paintings, installations… Her creation, between pictorial universe and digital space, questions this tipping point between concrete space and poetic experience.

Mathieu Constans is a French digital artist and musician. He studied electroacoustics in 1997, and performing arts since 1995. He works at the intersection of consciousness and sensitivity, concept and experience.

Guillaume Evrard is a French research and development engineer, and information systems architect. He implements new technologies in artistic creation.