Media Art South Asia is an initiative by Khayal and Proiti Seal Acharya to document and disseminate South Asian media art practices across the globe. Currently, the project exists as a website with a growing database of artists, festivals, exhibitions, galleries and organisations from seven South Asian countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The M.A.S.A. initiative was conceived to address the lack of easily accessible information about the media arts in the subcontinent, and aims to act as a comprehensive resource for both scholars and enthusiasts all around the world, showcasing the diversity of practices in South Asia, and tracing its history and evolution. It also wants to highlight the artistic and intellectual contributions of these actors to the general discourse of media art, which is most often dominated by American and European voices.

Currently in development with inputs from artists and curators, Media Art South Asia hopes to emerge as a vibrant platform facilitating connections between artists and organisations within the region and beyond. It hopes to organise physical/virtual exhibitions, residencies, conferences, seminars, demonstrations, workshops and festivals in the coming years.

Deconfine is Media Art South Asia’s first curatorial endeavour, aligned with its goal of bringing artists from diverse backgrounds together, showcasing their works and generating conversations around them. As the project evolves, it hopes to connect with more stakeholders from all over South Asia, including but not limited to artists, curators, researchers, teachers, students, gallery/museum coordinators and sponsors, as well as other organisations working in similar fields.

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