Novembre Numérique

Spanning across five continents, Novembre Numérique is a yearly initiative by Institut français and the French cultural network abroad to showcase French digital talents and promote international collaborations with experts from around the world.

It explores new forms of digital creation: virtual and augmented reality, video games, new narratives, digital art, music and theatre, and attempts to highlight the changes in our societies. Gender equality, participatory democracy, transhumanism, robotics, dissemination of knowledge, language and culture are some of the key themes addressed at Novembre Numérique.

Through workshops, debates, shows, exhibitions, hackathons and escape games, amateurs and experts together decode the 21st century.

This year, Novembre Numérique (Digital November) is celebrating its fourth edition all around the world, courtesy of the French cultural network abroad (French Institutes, Alliances Françaises, cultural services of embassies and consulates, etc.) and its partners. This widespread celebration of digital cultures underlines the commitment of the Institut Français and the French cultural network abroad to:

o   Facilitating the general public’s access to new technologies

o   Showcasing the strong diversity of French creations

o   Building long-lasting partnerships with foreign professionals and

o   Enabling international collaborations between artists, professionals and the audience

Novembre Numérique will provide an opportunity to reflect on the challenges of human engagement with digital technologies during the course of this month. With numerous online and offline events organized by the French cultural network and its partners, Novembre Numérique offers to explore new forms of creation (virtual and augmented reality, video games, new narratives, digital art, music, theatre etc.) but also to question the impact of digital technology on diverse societies.