Online Exhibition

Sector 13

Pierrick Mouton (France)

When legendary French-Swiss architect Le Corbusier designed the layout of Chandigarh, he never included Sector 13, because 13 is considered to be an unlucky number in European cultures. Furthermore, every sector of the city and their opposite sectors add up to 13 or its multiples. These superstitions, in the context of Chandigarh’s master plan are the starting point of a reflection on architecture and post-colonialism in this film. It traces the paths of sector 17, a commercial area in the centre of Chandigarh. The correspondence between Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret and Corbuiser also features in the film.

Pierrick Mouton is a Paris- based visual artist whose work examines multiple narrative models that bring to light the roles of the subject and the author. His engages with film, installation and sound. In the process of crafting documentaries, he conducts immersive research with different groups and communities.

His work has been exhibited at Salon de Montrouge (Paris), Villa Belleville (Paris), Institut Français (Chandigarh), Rencontres internationales (Paris – Berlin) etc.