Alternate Media Art Cultures

Toulouse Hacker Space Factory with Pauline Fournier, Curator | 8th Nov 2020, 5.30 PM

For the past decade, THSF has been a meeting place for different kinds of hacker cultures. The festival has invited groups working on free software and hardware, Do It Yourself philosophies, reappropriation of technologies, art and science, defense of rights and freedoms on the internet, computer security, media and citizen investigation, and politics and society. This meeting of diverse practices is structured around conferences, workshops, exhibitions, installations, performances, concerts, and workshops, as well as a 24-hour hacker residency. Through these events, it caters not only to its participants, but to general audiences as well: allowing everyone to discover, question, build and share a unique artistic landscape.
Please note that the conversation will be in French.

Pauline Fournier is a French curator, who co-organised Toulouse Hacker Space Factory for five years. On her arrival in Toulouse after studying Arts and Culture, Pauline pushed and widened the scope of Tetalab, a Toulouse hackerspace, fanned by her curiosity about the field. Over the years, she observed, understood, helped, and co-organised several editions of the Toulouse Hacker Space Factory festival.