Workshop | 30-31 Nov

Fourth Dimension

By Amay Kataria
Digital Media Artist

Our lived experience is primarily event based – a phenomenon that occurs within the bounds of space and time. We perceive the space around us in a three-dimensional way, which is visualized using length, width, and depth. However, mathematically there may be many more dimensions in space that are beyond our ability to perceive. This difficulty in visualising higher dimensions became the premise for inspiring cubists, surrealists, and abstract artists to borrow ideas from higher dimension mathematics and apply it to their practice. In this seminar, we closely deconstructed the visual and spatial properties of a tesseract; an object from the fourth dimensional space into three-dimensional space using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Participants were introduced to SparkAR, an AR tool to construct their own three-dimensional projections of tesseracts. Consequently, participants were encouraged to utilize this idea of extrapolating spatial dimensions as a metaphor to devise new situations, interventions, associations, and experimental narratives using any tools or mediums that they wished to use.
Selected seven participants were welcomed from several art institutions in India to participate in this workshop. Here is the video documentation of the workshop.